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How to Convert Any Vehicle to 12 Volts - Free Guide


Vintage Auto Garage has a FREE step by step 6 volt to 12 volt conversion guide to give you all the steps you need to convert a 6 volt vehicle to a 12 volt vehicle. The guide will also help you get a better understanding of how your antique auto electrical system works, and the parts you need to convert your convert 6 to 12 volts.

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Sample of This Guide

Electricity is like water. The battery is like a reservoir, providing pressure and volume. The wiring is the hose, and the nozzle is the resistance. When increasing the capacity of the water tank, the pressure needed to use the water decreases.

Electricity works the same way. When you increase the voltage of the battery, you decrease the amount of amperage needed to drive an electrical device. So when you change from 6 volts to 12 volts, you are doubling the voltage and thus decreasing the amperage in half.

This is why you can use the same wiring switches in a 12 volt system as you have in your 6 volt system, because the 6 volt wire is essentially twice the size or gage as needed in a 12 volt electrical system. This means you do not need to rewire your entire vehicle when converting to 12 volts. But there are some parts you do need, such as…

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