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About Our Electric Fuel Pump Products for Vintage Automobiles

Vintage Auto Garage is the leading online vintage car shop focused on the parts and accessories needed to wire up and finish off your antique vehicle. We have individual parts for different make and model cars, and we have universal parts that work with 6v and 12v systems.

Our classic car fuel pump parts currently come in kits designed to fit with 6 or 12 volt systems. We have different types of kits depending on what you’re using during your repair or restoration project, including:

  • Oil Cutoff Switch Kits
  • Carburetor Engine Fuel Pump Kits for 2.5 to 4.5 PSI Fuel Pumps
  • Complete 6 volt and 12 Volt Electric Fuel Pump Packages

These parts each come pre-tested for reliability and meet or exceed OE specifications. They are long lasting and easy to install into most antique trucks and cars. Our kits come with all the items that you need to complete the installation. If there is only a specific part you need, browse our website to see if we have it available or contact us and we can send over the individual part(s). 

Questions about Fuel?

Vintage Auto Garage is here to help you with all of your classic car auto parts. If you need help finding the products you need to complete the restoration or repair of your vintage American car or truck, our team can walk you through the parts that you need, help you install them, and more. Give us a call during normal business hours and one of our team members will be able to provide you with personalized assistance.