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FK080, FK125, FK200 Charge Wire Fuse Kit Installation Instructions

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These instructions will help you install your Alternator Charge Wire Fuse Kit. Please read completely before attempting to install.

The FK Series fuse kits are designed to be installed inline in the alternator charge wire. We recommend that this wire always be fused. Each fuse kit includes an inline fuse housing, two fuses, and the crimp terminals required for adding the necessary ring terminals to the charge wire where the fuse is inserted. The choice of alternator charge wire and fuse kit depends upon the alternator installed:


Installation: Before you get started always disconnect your battery.

1. It is easiest to install the fuse kit while installing the charge wire. When routing the charge wire from the alternator to the battery connection at the starter solenoid, choose a location for the fuse that is easily accessible and will not interfere with other components. The fuse holder does not need to be attached to the engine or chassis apart from the electrical connection to the charge wire. The fuse holder is electrically insulated when properly installed, but a small amount of the ring terminals are exposed where they enter the fuse housing, so make sure there is nothing else can contact the terminals there.

2. Cut the charge wire at the chosen fuse location, and strip each of the cut ends approximately 1⁄2”.

3. Find the two #10 ring terminals in the fuse kit and crimp them onto the charge wire here. Note: While common crimping tools are designed to crimp 10 AWG terminals, many are not made to accommodate the 8 AWG terminals that are in the FK200 fuse kit. Attempting to use such a tool to install the FK200 fuse kit may not deliver sufficient force to adequately crimp the terminals, or may damage the nylon insulating sleeves.

4. Separate the two halves of the inline fuse housing, remove the nuts from the studs, and place one of the fuses over the studs. Save the other fuse as a spare.

5. Put the #10 ring terminals over the studs on top of the fuse tabs, and replace the nuts. Torque the nuts to 44 inch-pounds (3.5 foot-pounds or 5 Nm).

6. Snap the other half of the inline fuse housing over the assembled fuse. Confirm that the cover is securely snapped in place.

7. Continue installing the charge wire.


Click here to download the full guide with images