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Borg Warner R Series Over Drive Solenoid General Installation Instructions

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To properly install solenoid, follow these instructions and it will install correctly 100% of the time.

First energize the solenoid to extend the plunger shaft out. To do this apply 12 or 6 volts (accordingly) to the #6 terminal on the solenoid and the ground to the mounting flange. Use battery cables.

While the plunger is extended with the flat spot end of shaft at 12 o’clock install the solenoid at approximately 30 degree angle to the transmission housing, then slowly turn the solenoid so the bolt holes line up. You want the plunger to line up internally with the pawl in the transmission. Now start the 2 bolts hand tight to keep solenoid aligned, then deactivate the solenoid so the solenoid is pulled in tight against the housing, tighten the bolts.

Caution: Do not over twist the solenoid when installing, as this can cause damage to the plunger and internal parts, solenoid should twist easily when installing as instructed above.

We recommend installing a new seal that goes into the OD adaptor housing before installing the solenoid. This will prevent oil leaking into the solenoid. The solenoid itself also has a like seal that comes installed in the OD solenoid. The seal can be installed either way there is no right or wrong side to the seal.

Click here to download the full guide with images