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1932 Ford Makes and Models

1932 Ford Makes and Models

Jun 8th 2021

1932 was the year Ford introduced the 8 cylinder V-8 engine. While not the first 8 cylinder engine, the 1932 Ford models were the car that brought the engine to the masses. The car was powerful, lightweight, and attractive. It was also available at a price consumers could afford. The 1932 Ford rose to popularity quickly and acquired the affectionate nickname “Deuce.”

The 1932 Ford soon became the most heavily modded car for hot rodding and street racing. A market grew for replica and improved equipment and body pieces for the Deuces as hotrodders sought to enhance the performance and style of their cars. Today the 1932 Ford evokes both the 1930s era when they were made and the 1940s and 50s when they were the ultimate hot rod.

Ford produced several different V8 body styles for their 1932 lineup, including the:

  • Ford Coupe - The 2-seater coupe, not including the original rumble seat, came in both the hardtop and soft top Sport Coupe models.
  • Ford Roadster - The 2-seat convertible roadster was designed for speed and handling as a sportier alternative to the coupe.
  • Ford Sedan - The Sedan came in several different body styles such as the Tudor sedan, 4 door sedan, and convertible, all giving passengers the maximum space.
  • Ford Victoria - With two rows of seats and a curved top, the Victoria evoked a more European style of automobile.
  • Ford Cabriolet - The 2 door Cabriolet combined the best of the open Roadster and closed Coupe with a convertible top and roll up windows.
  • Ford Phaeton - The 4 door convertible Phaeton was an ideal car for families or weekender jaunts with plenty of passenger space.

While the V8 line was the highlight of the Ford lineup in 1932, Ford also produced the Model B series that year which kept the 4-cylinder engine of past years. The 14 body styles available in the 1932 Ford Model B resembled the V8 cars closely with only subtle “V8” labels to differentiate the cars on the outside.

The look and feel of the 1932 Ford is unlike both the years that preceded it and the models that came after. Even the later V8’s have a different style, making the Deuce a unique collector’s car for hot rodding or preserving a piece of automotive history.

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