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BKT4853H6 - Alternator Bracket Installation Instructions

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Fits 1948-53 Ford H Series Cars / Truck Flathead 6 engines. Bracket will not work on G Series Flathead 6 Engines

Designed to fit Delco 10Si, 12Si & CS130 alternators found in most GM vehicles from 1973-1981.

Includes: 2 piece mounting bracket, 1- 3/8”-16x3” bolt, 1- 3/8”x16 nut 1-1/16” 18 washers.

Bracket is made of 2 pieces, one piece mounts the alternator to the engine block, the 2nd piece is the belt tensioner.

Mount the alternator as shown below, then mount the belt tensioner to the back of the alternator.

Note: the clocking of the rear housing of the alternator needs to have the 2 pin plug connection or black dust cover at 12 o clock to the small mounting boss, which puts the rear mounting hole at 3 o clock. The rear mounting hole is where the belt tensioner is mounted. The rear mounting hole boss will need to be grind off so the belt tensioner mounts flush to the back of the alternator. When doing this modification you need to open the back of the alternator case and JB weld a nut with the same size treads to give enough threads to hold the tension bracket in place.
Vintage Auto Garage alternators already configured if you don’t want to go through the work to convert your own.


Use proper tightening procedures for all mounting hardware.

Be careful working around rotating engine parts, loose clothing and fingers can get caught and cause injury.

Click here to download the full guide with images