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BKT4041 Alternator Bracket Installation Instructions

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Fits 1940-1941 Ford, Mercury, Cars / Truck V8 flathead engines.

Designed to fit Delco 10Si, 12Si & CS130 alternators found in most GM vehicles from 1973-1981.

Includes: Slingshot style mounting bracket, 1- 3/8”-16x3” bolt, 1-5/16”-18x1” 1- 3/8”x16 nut, + washers.

Also includes metric M8-1.25 used to mount the CS130 alternators.

Note: The bracket is made of 2 pieces, a slingshot that holds the alternator and horseshoe spacer and these 2 pieces are welded together. The horseshoe side is the rear and the slingshot that holds the alternator goes toward the front.

Mount the alternator to the front side of the alternator with the plug wire connection or black dust cover in the 12 o clock position. Use the hardware provided.

Mount is designed to fit into the same mounting slot as the generator being removed and provide proper pulley alignment.

Note: Use proper tightening procedures for all mounting hardware. When installing the belt, you may find you need a longer or shorter belt depending on your application. You don’t need to over tighten the belt, should have some belt movement so not to damage the alternator bearings.

Be careful working around rotating engine parts, loose clothing and fingers can get caught and cause injury.

Click here to download the full guide with images