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Ford Model A 1928-1931 Electronic ignition systems

Ford Model A 1928-1931 Electronic ignition systems

Oct 21st 2021

Model A Ford 1928-1931 12 Volt Neg Ground Electronic Original Look Distributor - VZD-12N

Vintage Auto Garage Electronic Ignition Centrifugal Advance Original Look Distributor Kit.

TheElectronic Ignition Centrifugal Advance Original Look Distributor performs the same great function of the originalElectronic Ignition Centrifugal Advance Distributor but is encased in a stock-appearing cast-iron housing and utilizes the stock Model A cap and body. This is a Model A distributor stuffed with centrifugal weights and spring system and appears bone stock when compared side-by-side to the original, only a small increase in height is detected.

Comes with Pertronix high output epoxy filled coil 40611 no ballast resistor needed.

This is era correct looking ignitions for the Model A.

Comes standard with 26 to 28 degrees centrifugal advance. Or can be modified up to 35 degrees or advance for OHV engines. If you're running an OHV or any high powered flathead, you might find that 25 degrees or 32 degrees advance will improve your engine performance. We can provide the correct weights and springs or we can custom build to order.

The unit simply connects to the coil in the same wiring position as your original (pop-out switch cannot be used). There is no rat’s nest of multiple wires or an unsightly “black box” to hang on the firewall, and no condenser!

Your distributor comes with a high energy heavy duty coil, radio suppression coil wire, set of 4 brass spark plug connectors, dedicated ignition wire. Complete installation instructions, trouble-shooting guide, and a 30-month warranty.

You get world class power and absolute precision!
Available in 6-Volt, and 12-Volt

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