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BKT4653FF Alternator Bracket Installation Instructions

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Fits 1946-1953 Ford, Mercury, Lincoln Cars / Truck V8 flathead engines.
Designed to fit Delco 10Si and or CS130 alternators found in most GM vehicles.

Includes: Bracket 1- 3/8”-16x3” bolt, 1-5/16”-18x1” 1- 3/8”x16 nut, 2-7/16”-14 x1 1/4” bolts + washers and spacer

Bracket fits 1946-1953 V-8 engines

Heavy-duty steel construction can easily be painted to match your engine.
Designed to work with the two narrow-belt drive system typical of late '50-'53 Ford/Mercury passenger cars
May not work with single wide belt unless the alternator is modified. see notes below.
This bracket assembly is designed to mount the common SI or CS style GM alternator in a centered location on 1946-1953 Flathead Ford V8s. The alternator mounts to the front side of the bracket.
Use the spacer provided on one side of alternator to make up the difference in the width of the alternator mounting boss.
To use this bracket on a 5/8” wide belt configuration you may need to cut approximately 1/2" to 5/8" from the wide boss on the alternator itself. You will also need to cut a similar amount off the spacer supplied with the bracket. This must be done to get the alternator pulley to line up with the drive belt.
Bracket usually provides enough clearance for center mounting of an alternator even on Super Dual and Triple style Flathead intakes on late style engine.

Click here to download the full guide with images