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7-1013 Start Solenoid v2 Installation Instructions

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Ford Starter Solenoid Installation Instructions
Activated by switched Ground or Power Part Number 7-1013

Use with these Ford/Mercury/Lincoln models:

  • 1937-1950 Ford Cars
  • 1937-1951 Ford Trucks
  • 1938-1951 Lincoln
  • 1939-1949 Mercury

Thank you for purchasing one of our starter solenoids. Before you get started, disconnect the
battery. Never skip this step.

In the early years Ford used two different start buttons and ignition switches, this solenoid can be used for either 1 or 2 wire start buttons by changing the red jumper wire. A one wire start button is ground activated, a two wire is 12 volts activated.

Look at the picture at left and locate the 2 large and 2 small terminals on your solenoid. One of the terminals has a red jumper wire attached. The jumper wire connects from the small terminal to the large 5/16” battery terminal that receives the battery cable. The other large 5/16” terminal connects the cable to the starter motor. The small terminal without the jumper wire will connect to the push button switch on your dash.

If you have the two wire push button or ignition key switch, then your vehicle has previously been modified and this solenoid will still work by changing the jumper wire. Simply move the jumper from the battery terminal and connect to any ground. (The screw that holds the solenoid to the firewall is a good place to connect the ground) This will turn the solenoid into a voltage activated solenoid. Reconnect the battery.

Always be safe and disconnect your battery when working on your electric system!!

Click here to download the full guide with images