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6 Volt 08415ODSL6, 12 Volt 08415ODSL12 Borg Warner R10 & R11 Overdrive Solenoid Installation Instructions

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Solenoid Removal

  1. Disconnect the battery
  2. Remove the wires from the old solenoid being removed
  3. Remove the two mounting bolts
  4. Remove the solenoid by turning 1/4 turn to the right to disengage the internal pawl
  5. Carefully remove solenoid not to damage the oil seal

Solenoid Installation

  1. Highly recommend replacing the oil seal so lubricant does not enter the new solenoid
  2. ***NOTE*** if an oil seal was included in the box with your solenoid, it is intended to be installed in your overdrive housing before installing the solenoid. The old seal must be completely removed first, including the metal press-fit ring. If the new seal is installed with part or all of the old seal still in place, the solenoid may not operate and the solenoid may be damaged.
  3. Apply a small amount of white grease or Vaseline to the center of the seal
  4. With a set of battery cables energize the solenoid negative to the solenoid case and the positive to # 4 terminal on the solenoid this will extend the shaft outward
  5. With the shaft extended insert the solenoid and rotate 1/4 turn to the left to engage the pawl and line up the bolts holes, now install the bolts just tight enough to keep solenoid aligned in housing
  6. Remove the battery cables and the solenoid will suck in and snug up against the housing Tighten up the bolts
  7. Replace the wiring, reconnect the battery and test for operation

Note: Never force the solenoid by over twisting or you may cause damage to the solenoid internal shaft and internal parts. Never force the solenoid shaft into the solenoid or you may cause damage to the function of terminal #6 which is necessary for the kickdown feature.

To locate the #4 terminal on the solenoid, hold the solenoid with the shaft pointing away from you, the #4 terminal is the one on the right side, also refer to our wiring diagram.

If you need replacement parts:

  • Overdrive wiring harness ODWH
  • Overdrive 6 volt relay ODR6
  • Overdrive 12 volt relay ODR12
  • Overdrive Seal 07410S


Click here to download the full guide with images