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8AWG Alternator Charge Wire Installation Instructions

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8AWG Alternator Charge Wire Installation Instructions
Part Number: 8AWG

These instructions will help you install and test your new Alternator Charge Wire. Please read completely
before attempting to install.

The 8AWG Charge Wire is designed to connect the output of our 170 amp high output alternator to the battery. We recommend putting a fuse in this wire, and our optional fuse kit FK200 is designed for this alternator and charge wire. It includes an inline fuse holder, two MIDI style 200 Amp fuses, and the correct terminals for this 8-Gauge charge wire. Installation: Before you get started always disconnect your battery.

  1. With the alternator already installed, connect the pre-terminated end of the charge wire to the alternator output stud.
  2. Route the charge wire to the starter solenoid or main power bus, leaving slack or a loop in the charge wire if it is routed from the engine to the chassis. This will accommodate engine movement relative to the chassis.
  3. When the charge wire has been routed to its connection point, shorten the un-terminated end if there is excess wire.
  4. Install a fuse along the charge wire in an easily accessible place where it won’t interfere with other parts. Our fuse kit, FK200, can be installed anywhere between the alternator and starter solenoid and does not need to be fastened to the firewall or mounted other than its electrical connections.
  5. Strip approximately ½” of the insulation from the wire and crimp the included 8 AWG ring terminal on the end. This ring terminal is sized for a 5/16” stud. Note: Many common crimping tools are designed to accommodate a maximum wire size of 10 AWG. Attempting to use such a tool to crimp this terminal may not deliver sufficient force to adequately crimp the terminal, or may damage the nylon insulating sleeve.
  6. Install newly terminated wire end onto starter solenoid BAT connection, which is where the positive battery cable connects to the solenoid.
  7. Reconnect the battery and test for operation

Other applicable parts:
200 Amp MIDI fuse kit with 2 fuses FK200

Click here to download the full guide with images