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Voltage Reducer

Voltage Reducers for Classic Autos in 6 Volt to 12 Volt Conversions

Vintage Auto Garage started in 2005 building the first product a 12 to 6 volt reducer / regulator to operate  original 6 volt oil, gas and temp gauges on 12 volts. The product was called the VREG06703. We are now in the 4th generation product the MGR1 multi 12 to 6 volt gauge reducer. These reducers are operating in thousands of classic cars and trucks all over the world, and very proud of the reliability and gauge protection the MGR1 offers. 

From 2005 until now Vintage Auto Garage has continued to increase the number of 12 to 6 volt reducers for most all electrical devices in classic cars and trucks when converting from 6 to 12 volts. Al reducers are designed and manufactured in our own facility in the USA.