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Every classic car will need a new starter someday. Here at Vintage Auto Garage, we make and distribute replacement 12 volt Gear Reduction Starters for your American Classic  of all different makes and models, helping you keep your vehicle on the road or making sure that your car restoration project keeps moving forward. We offer dozens of new customized starters for vintage cars  and trucks for sale, and are happy to help you find the one you need for your classic auto click here for starter app guide Call us at 800-516-4461 if you need any additional support.

Questions about Starters?

Vintage Auto Garage is here to help you with all of your classic car auto parts. If you need help finding the products you need to complete the restoration or repair of your vintage American car or truck, our team can walk you through the parts that you need, help you install them, and more. Give us a call during normal business hours and one of our team members will be able to provide you with personalized assistance.