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Vintage Car Horns and Horn Parts for Classic Vehicles

For your safety, and to complete your restoration, your vintage cars and trucks need to have working horns. The original antique horns themselves may no longer be operational, but you can still ensure that your car horn is not only working as intended – but potentially making the same classic sounds as they did all those years ago. We have horn relays and other vehicle parts, along with original Hollywood wolf whistle horns that were once the original way these horns were designed.

  • Horn Relay HR106T 12 Volts - HR106T

    Horn Relay HR106T 12 Volts - HR106T

    Our horn relay makes it possible to send the right amperage from your car’s battery to the horn in a 12 volt system. With many vintage trucks and cars using thin gauge wiring, the relay ensures your horn sounds as loud as it should. This relay has...

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  • Original Hollywood Wolf Whistle - 46128

    Original Hollywood Wolf Whistle - 46128

    Original Vacuum Hollywood Wolf Whistle.This is the original sexy wolf whistle from the past. Air Horn Style, works off of vacuum from intake manifold, Die Cast Metal with all Metal Hardware, Classic Wolf Sound, Has Strong Vacuum Hose and Instructions...

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