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BKT5264F Alternator Swing Bracket Installation Instructions

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Fits Ford 1952-64 OHV 6 & Y Block Engines with Short 6” Generator Cases (Except 1955-1957 T-Bird and all Lincoln Mercury’s with 7” generator cases)

Designed to fit Delco 10Si, 12Si & CS130 alternators found in most GM vehicles from 1973-1981.

Includes: Swing style mounting bracket, 1- 3/8”-16x3” bolt, 1-5/16”-18x1” 1- 3/8”x16 nut, + washers.

Also includes metric M8-1.25 used to mount the CS130 alternators.

When replacing your generator with our alternator kit you will bolt the large U of the swing bracket to your original generator bracket mounted on the engine, then mount the alternator to the small U with hardware provided.

Most applications you can reuse the original belt tension rod. You may have to grind some material off or you may have to flip the bracket to clear the fan.


Note: Use proper tightening procedures for all mounting hardware.

Be careful working around rotating engine parts, loose clothing and fingers can

get caught and cause injury.

Click here to download the full guide with images