BW Overdrive Solenoid 12Volts

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Borg Warner 12 volt Overdrive Solenoids.

Now available new exact reproductions of the original Borg Warner overdrive 12 volt solenoids. These are available for both 6-volt and 12-volt applications. This is the same solenoid used by all eleven of the car companies that offered the Borg Warner electric overdrive as an option from the late 1930ís thru the early 1960ís. No core is required. Solenoids will fit standard Borg Warner overdrive application with a shaft length of 1", measured from the tip of the shaft to the edge of the alignment flange. (lay your ruler on top of the shaft and measure from the ball end to the edge of the casting.) Ref to picture. All standard overdrive-solenoids will measure 1". Station Wagons and convertibles will measure 1.5 inches and a few odd applications will measure 1.25 inches or longer. This solenoid fits the STANDARD 1" applications only. Please check you shaft length before ordering. SEE PICTURE HOW TO MEASURE SHAFT LENGTH.

Please note there is no possible way to use voltage reducers on BW OD electrical components. The electrical components on BW OD's are complicated and vital to the funtionality. Don;t risk damaging your OD by trying some home made reducers, we have seen what happens when this is done, Not Pretty!

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B W Overdrive 12 Volt